Albert the AI reviews thousands of articles every day and assigns a Clinical Value (CV) to each


Each speciality has their own unique Clinical Value scoring

  • The top 10 % are green
  • The middle 89-30% are yellow
  • The lowest rated are red
Clinicians can sort content by 39 specialties

The library lets you store content on and offline


You can sort and search by date and title. And delete any content that's no longer needed

And it syncs across all your devices

The CPD log makes it easy to log new and relevant events alongside all your reading


Remembering what had educational value across the year is almost impossible, so make a note as it happens

Docintel automatically tracks all your reading making CPD easier

Why Albert is needed

The frontline of patient care is the clinicians who have to apply knowledge, experience and training. In many countries CPD/CME have become mandatory and demand extensive proof of education and improvement. However, as a society we’re at the same time increasing the burden from work without increasing time for continued training.

So, we built Albert, the first Artificial Intelligence tool aimed at helping HCP’s by serving up what is most likely to have a clinical value on daily practice. Albert will learn from you and your peers based on your choices of reading and, we hope, get to be a tool you rely on.

We focus on primary resources now as we believe starting at the source brings the best insight to a knowledged mind. Over time we will seek other sources that can help equip you with data and information to aid your decision-making skills.

Docintel is free in the App stores and online through any browser.
Albert will always be free to clinicians.


We will NOT sell your personal details to 3rd parties!

You will ALWAYS have a choice of NOT accepting sponsored content.

You can ALWAYS change your setting.

We will ALWAYS improve & make changes, and some of those changes will demand changes to the Privacy and Terms of Use which we might not notify you about, but if anything changes significantly in regards to your private data, or the way we handle it, we will ALWAYS ask for your consent.

To be clear:

To be clear:   Albert is building a data set of usage and as a minimum we gather data usage for Albert’s advice to improve and inform 3rd parties about aggregated and anonomised trends. But we’d like to ask your permission to also let us use your data to profile you and solicit educational content on your behalf from potential sponsors.

We will not share your contact details with sponsors, but we will let them know what you chose to engage with so they can also become better at delivering content you find helps your professional development. For a full read on what we do have a look here at our Privacy and Terms of Use.